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Slot bolt M8 N35v with serrated locking nut
Article No. 03-001657
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EESlot bolt M8 N35v with serrated locking nut
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Roof hooks side-fix

Slot bolt M8 N35v with serrated locking nut

For connecting C-N-rails or N-rails to the roof hook side-fix

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Exclusively from BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems – our outstanding in-house novotegra installation system. It is easy to install, versatile in application, yet highly stable. Whether the proven clamping system, whether the aesthetic insertion system or the aerodynamic flat roof systems. We demand a lot from our photovoltaic mounting systems: They have to securely hold the solar modules, be made from durable, weather-resistant materials, and sometimes need to withstand very heavy loads.

Our engineering tool Solar-Planit is available to help you achieve straightforward, quick and compliant sizing:


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For both standard and concrete roofing tiles, novotegra is perfect for any tiled roof. It is quick and easy to install, offers many individual solutions and is extremely stable and durable. Our roof hooks make it possible to adjust the connection height of the rail with a slot channel. The N-rail can be connected with a slot screw via the slot on the roof hook head and securely clamped via the ribbing. The side connection eliminates the need for time-consuming installation from below and keeps the fixing point firmly in view. The roof hooks are simply attached to the rafters and do not sit on them even under load – expensive sheet metal tiles are therefore not necessary. Our roof hooks are available with triple adjustment for flexible adaptation to uneven existing roofs or simply adjustable for quick installation on new building roofs.
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