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Meyer Burger
Meyer Burger White 385 - 385 Wp (BFR,Charge D)
Article No. 01-000888
180,00 € 
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EEMeyer Burger White 385 - 385 Wp (BFR,Charge D)
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Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger White 385 - 385 Wp (BFR,Charge D)

The European premium solar module. Made in Germany.

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Product information


MODS Module connector: MC4

STC STC power: 385 Wp

RAHM Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

ZELT Cell technology: mono

ZELZ Number of cells: 120 Stück

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 1767 mm B: 1041 mm H: 35 mm

NETG Weight: 19.7 kg

KLP Cable length plus: 1200 mm

KLM Cable length, minus: 1200 mm

Your Advantages
  • High performance: higher efficiency, more yield per area
  • High quality: low power loss and long service life
  • "Made in Germany": cell and module from Germany
  • Swiss innovation: next-generation PV technology platform
  • Sustainability: high environmental and social standards
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Manufacturer Information

Meyer Burger is a Swiss PV company that manufactures premium solar cells and modules. With its proprietary technologies, the company sets new standards in terms of durability, performance consistency and energy yield. With solar cells and modules made in Germany, designed in Switzerland, and manufactured according to high sustainability standards, Meyer Burger is driving the renaissance of the European photovoltaic industry and striving for a leading position here.

Meyer Burger combines cutting-edge technology with tradition and the courage to lead PV into a new era. For almost 70 years, the company has been the backbone of the industry. Now it is taking the next step and has reinvented its business model: As a manufacturer of high-performance solar cells and modules, Meyer Burger is setting new sustainability standards and using its proprietary heterojunction cell technology and SmartWire Connection Technology to produce the most profitable solar modules. Made in Germany. Designed in Switzerland.

Meyer Burger

Product description

Product features

The best. From here. For tomorrow. Powerful, sustainable, Made in Europe.

Meyer Burger (MB) has refined existing heterojunction (HJT) technology and made it more efficient by combining different silicon layers and creating a unique cell structure. Meyer Burger HJT cells thus absorb significantly more solar energy than conventional cells and the converted electric current flows through the module with less resistance. And it does so even in weak sunlight, for example when it is cloudy. Additional efficiency gains are achieved by connecting the cells with their patented SmartWire technology (SWCT™): the wafer-thin connecting wires reduce shading on the solar cells by up to 30 percent. The modules thus gain more energy and produce electricity for longer - for noticeably more power per area on the roof. The SWCT™ also improves cell stability and makes the modules less susceptible to so-called micro-cracks, one of the most common reasons for energy losses in solar modules. And best of all, this unparalleled performance is only available from Meyer Burger thanks to comprehensive patent protection.

The Meyer Burger White module is available in different glass batches: A batch, B batch, C Batch and D Batch.There are no technical or price differences between the individual batches.For optical reasons, the individual batches cannot be mixed.

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