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Jinko Solar
Jinko Tiger Neo JKM410N-54HL4-B - 410Wp (FB)
Article No. 01-000833
198,90 € 
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EEJinko Tiger Neo JKM410N-54HL4-B - 410Wp (FB)
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Jinko Solar

Jinko Tiger Neo JKM410N-54HL4-B - 410Wp (FB)

The n-type TOPCon cell in a Fullblack module

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Product information


MODS Module connector: EVO2

STC STC power: 410 Wp

RAHM Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

ZELT Cell technology: mono

ZELZ Number of cells: 108 Stück

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 1722 mm B: 1134 mm H: 30 mm

NETG Weight: 22 kg

KLP Cable length plus: 1200 mm

KLM Cable length, minus: 1200 mm

Your Advantages
  • N-type modules have fewer defects and are therefore more stable in performance
  • Thanks to TOPCon technology, they achieve higher yields even in low light conditions
  • The smart multi-busbar technology is reliable and has less losses
  • Produced with the best components, this leads to long warranty with high performance

Manufacturer Information

Jinko Solar

Product description

Product features

N-type TOPCon technology with monocrystalline cells is characterized by a high purity and has particularly few defects. Thus, the cell does not degrade and the performance remains very high. These cells have very good temperature coefficients of -0.3%/K which means that they have high performance even at high irradiation.

The TOPCon technology with the smart Multi Busbar technology gets the high currents with low losses out of the cell and this also at medium and low irradiation values.

Produced with the best materials, the modules have low degradation and therefore excellent guarantees. Both the product warranty is exceptionally high and of course the performance warranty.

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