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Double roof hook set ZD 40 M12 long
Article No. 03-001726
29,15 € 
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EEDouble roof hook set ZD 40 M12 long
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Roof hooks top-fix

Double roof hook set ZD 40 M12 long

for mounting of C-rails on tiles with a large overlap

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Product information


TDMA Dimensions in mm: a: 230 b: 80 c: 50-62

Your Advantages

Three-way adjustable roof hook for mounting of C-rails as vertical and horizontal rails on tiles with a large overlap

  • For all common tiles with an overlap of 120 mm, depending on the tile up to 135 mm
  • Narrow design for minimal tile manipulation
  • Rail-roof hook connection height-adjustable up to 35 mm
  • Roof hook-base profile connection height-adjustable for 24 – 30 mm battens
The set consists of

1 * Bottom plate 40 L=245mm (03-000020)

2 * Dachhaken V2A M12 lang m. Sperrzahnmutter (03-001722)

Manufacturer Information

Exclusively from BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems – our outstanding in-house novotegra installation system. It is easy to install, versatile in application, yet highly stable. Whether the proven clamping system, whether the aesthetic insertion system or the aerodynamic flat roof systems. We demand a lot from our photovoltaic mounting systems: They have to securely hold the solar modules, be made from durable, weather-resistant materials, and sometimes need to withstand very heavy loads.

Our engineering tool Solar-Planit is available to help you achieve straightforward, quick and compliant sizing:


Product description

Product features
Our roof hook sets from the novotegra family are ideal for mounting on the tiled roof to secure the roof. The different sets comprise a base profile and a bracket, which is screwed into the base profile. You can perfectly adapt the roof hook sets to any tiled roof since they are adjustable three ways. This allows you to create a homogeneous module field even on uneven roofs. Whether a large base profile with a second bracket for high snow loads or the flex roof hook set for low loads – we always have a simple, stable and flexible solution for your tiled roof.
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