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VARTA pulse neo 6 Energy Storage
Article No. 06-000510
4.794,00 € 
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EEEVARTA pulse neo 6 Energy Storage
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VARTA pulse neo 6 Energy Storage

The flexible and compact storage solution from VARTA

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Product information


ANSC Connection: NA

NUKA Usable capacity: 5850 Wh

SPPE Backup power: nein

SPEI Storage system: Kompaktsystem

SPHA Phases: 1

NENN Nominal power: 2300 VA

TOPO Topology: trafolos

ZELZ Number of cells: 1 Stück

DCAN DC connection: NA

NETZ Network connection: 1-phasig

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 186 mm B: 600 mm H: 690 mm

Your Advantages
  • Small and compact single-phase storage unit with a new energy management system
  • AC-coupled complete system – all-inclusive
  • Extremely flexible: the storage system can be combined with a wide range of components and systems
  • Cascadable: up to five devices can be interconnected
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The set consists of

1 * VARTA Batteriemodul 6,5 kWh - pulse 6 / pulse neo 6 (06-000508)

1 * VARTA Pulse neo 3/6 Schrank (06-000503)

Manufacturer Information

Storage technology and batteries "Made in Germany" for over 130 years. Hardly any other company has shaped the industry as much as VARTA. The manufacturer's products were even part of the moon landing in 1969. Neil A. Armstrong's camera was equipped with VARTA batteries. And this proves that you can rely on this manufacturer.

Benefit from a strong and world-renowned brand combined with the high performance of innovative and durable storage systems. VARTA only uses high-quality, thermally stable lithium-ion cells for these storage systems. And their service is as good as their products. Portal access for installers, marketing materials for sales support, the reward scheme, and regular certification training are all part of VARTA.


Product description

Product features

The VARTA pulse neo as an AC complete system with integrated battery inverter is ideally suitable both for retrofits and new installations. This particularly small solar storage unit from VARTA offers maximum energy density in the smallest of spaces. Available in two power capacities, the wall storage unit is thus also ideal for smaller homes. In addition to the manual setting of photovoltaic yield optimisation, the VARTA pulse neo can also carry out automatic, forecast-based yield optimisation on the basis of weather forecasts. If necessary, the storage capacity can be expanded later by the connection of up to six VARTA energy storage units without additional hardware.

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