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Trina Solar
Trina Vertex S+ TSM-415NEG09.28 - 415 Wp (BFR,Glass-glass)
Article No. 01-000839
198,70 € 
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EETrina Vertex S+ TSM-415NEG09.28 - 415 Wp (BFR,Glass-glass)
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Trina Solar

Trina Vertex S+ TSM-415NEG09.28 - 415 Wp (BFR,Glass-glass)

Double Glass Monocrystalline 120 Cell Vertex Module

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Product information


MODS Module connector: EVO2

STC STC power: 415 Wp

RAHM Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

ZELT Cell technology: mono

ZELZ Number of cells: 120 Stück

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 1770 mm B: 1096 mm H: 30 mm

NETG Weight: 21.5 kg

KLP Cable length plus: 280 mm

KLM Cable length, minus: 280 mm

Your Advantages
  • High-performance module with peak temperature coefficients for high yields both at low irradiation and at high temperatures
  • Double glass modules with thin glasses and therefore higher stability at the same weight as standard module
  • Lowest degradation values both initially and at annual attenuation and therefore extremely high guarantees
  • Universally applicable from small to very large roofs thanks to its mechanical properties

Manufacturer Information

The world record breaker Trina Solar sets industry standards in quality and efficiency. As one of the first Chinese photovoltaic companies, Trina is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels. This quality manufacturer broke the world record for solar cell efficiency seven times in a row in the same year and set a total of 16 world records in efficiency and panel output power. In addition, 1,300 submitted photovoltaic patents prove that Trina is an industry leader in research and development, always striving to further advance photovoltaics and promote new technologies. And the best thing is that you get this expertise at an excellent price-performance ratio.
Trina Solar

Product description

Product features

Small dimensions, big performance
Up to 425 W peak power, 21.9% module efficiency with high-density cell interconnect technology
Multi-busbar technology for more absorption, lower series resistance, improved current dissipation and increased reliability
Lower assembly costs with increased performance and efficiency

Double glass for max. reliability
Excellent resistance to fire and severe environmental conditions
5,400 Pa Scheelast and 4,000 Pa wind load (test loads)

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