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Energy storage systems for domestic use

To overview

Increase the self-reliance of private photovoltaic systems with domestic power storage systems

Self-consumption and self-reliance in terms of energy are becoming increasingly important to owners of photovoltaic systems and home owners who are interested in this technology. Reliable electricity storage and systems are essential for this. These enable users to store the electricity they have generated with their solar modules for use at a later date. We and our experts on complete solutions for photovoltaic systems will be happy to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

The cornerstones of our services

ExpertiseMore than 25 years of experience in the field of solar energy
QualityProducts by high-quality manufacturers, carefully selected by our experts
PlanningSolar-Planit online planning tool
ReliabilityEstablished wholesaler with warehousing capabilities
CompatibilityAs a provider of complete systems for your customers’ homes

Domestic power storage systems are no longer a pipe dream – they already exist:

Living off-grid? The “Energy Plus” solar home in the southern German city of Tübingen proves that it’s possible. With intelligent planning and smart linking between different system elements, it is possible to be 80% self-sufficient.

What are the benefits of residential power storage systems?

  • For customers aiming for self-reliance, power storage systems that can be incorporated into their photovoltaic systems are becoming increasingly important
  • Flexibility thanks to power storage systems with modular expansion
  • Our carefully selected power storage systems are subjected to a range of exacting, certified tests
  • Modern power storage systems are easy to install and have been proven technically reliable
  • Power storage systems are becoming more and more compact, and are available with high-class aesthetics
  • The right solutions for owners of electric cars, including those with wall boxes
  • Easy-to-integrate cloud solutions becoming increasingly widespread

We offer power storage systems by the following manufacturers:

"Made in Germany" quality and an unbeatable service team: Multinational company BMZ is renowned as an innovator of rechargeable battery packs for a wide range of applications.

BMZ in our web shop

BYD began life in 1995 as a start-up with 20 employees – the global corporation now has 240,000 and a portfolio that can unlock the future. This includes high-tech products for a wide range of solutions, such as private and public urban transport, high-powered electronics, and batteries.

BYD’s power storage systems are incredibly powerful, safe, versatile and easy to install.

BYD in our web shop

A trustworthy brand that offers the best products and services – this is the vision that drives the LG Group every day to develop innovations and progressive technology. As part of the LG Group, since 1947 LG Chem has been developing and producing high-quality lithium-ion batteries that are especially renowned for their high depth of discharge and long service life.

LG Chem in our web shop

High performance in every area: whether you’re looking for great customer support, products or warranties, LG is simply unbeatable.

As a global corporation, LG Electronics is a big player in many parts of the electronics industry besides the photovoltaic sector, and thus enjoys huge brand awareness. Its new and innovative technologies make LG one of the market leaders, with products that act as high-performance components with outstanding technical specifications.

LG ESS in our web shop

Power storage technology and batteries made in Germany for over 130 years.

VARTA exclusively uses high-quality, thermally stable lithium-ion cells for its power storage systems. And the quality of its products is matched by its service – portal access for installation engineers, marketing materials to help with sales, a reward scheme and regular certification training are all part of the VARTA way of life.

VARTA in our web shop

What makes BayWa r.e. the right partner for me?

BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH is a reliable partner that will treat you as an equal. We are an established wholesaler with our own warehousing capabilities, you can always rely on us when it comes to product availability.

You can design your own photovoltaic system in our online planning tool, Solar-Planit. In addition to this, we also offer professional, personal consulting services on how to put together a PV system.

As a provider of complete systems for your customers’ home use, it should go without saying that we don’t just sell power storage systems – we also pride ourselves on having the right equipment in our portfolio to ensure perfect harmony within a photovoltaic system.


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