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Solar-Planit – the Free Planning Tool from BayWa r.e.

Everything you need to know about our web-based planning software.

Free system engineering from start to finish with Solar-Planit

Quick, simple and reliable

From the selection of the installation system and type of module, through to the choice of inverter and battery storage system: with Solar-Planit, you can design your entire photovoltaic system from start to finish – quickly, simply and reliably. With just a few clicks, you’ll create a system design that is perfectly suited to your location and its requirements – with optimally matched components and safe, reliable structural calculations – including a transparent yield forecast and profitability calculation.

You can use Solar-Planit free of charge and from any location. This level of accessibility also means you can easily exchange information about your projects – either within your team or with our sales department.

The engineering software is clearly structured with plenty of graphics. It’s convenient and intuitive to use. And your results are presented in a clearly laid out document, so that you can present the system design to your customers directly – as a PDF or printed version.

Benefits at a glance

The system design is one thing – Solar-Planit provides you with even more advantages that go beyond the pure design:

Parts list and price determinationWhen you’re finished planning, you will receive an exact parts list including article numbers and prices. This means that you can provide your customers with a representative offer in as short a time as possible.
Sawing planA sawing plan for our novotegra mounting system saves you time and calculations.
Plant documentation and economic efficiencyWhen planning is complete, Solar-Planit can provide clear plant documentation for you and your customers. This contains additional information on economic efficiency and a yield forecast.
Teamwork – and you pick the teamBecause Solar-Planit is web-based, anyone can log in. So simply share your projects with your colleagues who have registered or your contact in our sales department and work together on planning.
FreeYes, all functions and accounts are completely free. No licences are required for Solar-Planit.
AvailabilitiesThe prices and availabilities of the products considered in your planning are linked to our web shop, so that you can always see whether and when solar modules, inverters or storage units can be delivered.
Webshop link In Solar-Planit, our products from the webshop are directly linked. So you can’t only see the availability of the components, but also go directly to the product page in our webshop.
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