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EECommercial Solutions

Innovative energy solutions for your company

Data analysis, system design, profitability calculations and first-class service are crucial in demanding projects for comprehensive energy solutions.  

Our services 

We are happy to support you in advising your commercial and industrial customers as well as in the individual design of PV self-generation, electricity storage systems, energy management systems, charging infrastructure for company fleets and more. From needs analysis to implementation, we will guide you through the entire process. 

What sector coupling means to us

Why complete solutions? 

Your commercial and industrial customers are often faced with conflicting goals - whether between climate protection and costs, customer satisfaction and price increases or limited budgets and optimized energy systems. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to create harmonious objectives. We want to work with you to find solutions that meet climate targets and ensure a sustainable energy supply. 

Understanding sector coupling 

The move away from fossil fuels requires innovative solutions not only in the electricity sector, but also in the mobility and heating sectors. This picture is supplemented by the consumer sector from households, companies and the industry. Electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind is currently seen as a pillar of green energy. This green electricity is intended to replace fossil fuels in the future, both in the mobility sector and in the heating sector. This will result in the coupling of energy sectors. Our complete solutions enable the coupling of these energy sectors and offer electricity-led energy generation, consumption and storage.

Challenges with complete solutions 

In order to provide the energy required for electricity, heat and mobility, it must be generated at the right time. Intermediate storage units bring flexibility to such a system - whether for the heat or the electricity itself. There is now a wide range of components for this.

However, the intelligence in such a system is elementary. This is the control of the demand with the energy supply and vice versa. This is carried out by energy management systems, which are therefore the intelligence or control centers of such an energy system. These systems decide on the procurement, distribution, storage and, if necessary, grid feed-in of electricity quantities according to predetermined priorities. Depending on energy demand, economic factors (prices for energy procurement or feed-in) or security of supply at the location. It is therefore important to consider the costs of implementation and future revenues before embarking on such a project. Furthermore, the various technologies that are integrated into a holistic energy system must be compatible with each other to ensure smooth operation.

The energy management system (EMS) 

At the heart of our complete solutions is a high-performance energy management system. It intelligently controls the power generators, consumers and storage units, optimizes the provision of energy according to priorities and ensures transparency in the energy flows. An EMS is central to the implementation of energy management (e.g. in accordance with DIN ISO 50001) and environmental targets (e.g. in accordance with DIN ISO 14001). Furthermore, an EMS ideally offers all the necessary interfaces for direct marketing as well as for monitoring technical operations management.

In the commercial and industrial sector, we rely on a manufacturer-independent partnership with a comprehensive range of functions and services. The solution consists of a complete package of software and hardware. 

The advantages of such a solution: 

  • Independence: numerous interfaces to a wide range of manufacturers 
  • Compatibility: extensive compatibility list
  • Flexibility: all elements of an energy system can be integrated - power generators, storage systems, charging infrastructure and heat pumps
  • BAFA-eligible 

Why is a commercial storage unit worthwhile? 

Commercial storage systems are not only crucial for safeguarding critical processes, but also offer considerable cost savings. By generating and using energy intelligently, they not only reduce electricity costs, but also make a positive contribution to the corporate image. Commercial storage systems also enable the integration of different sectors, creating a sustainable and digital future. 

Possible applications at a glance

  • Use of own electricity

    For all companies with solar overproduction and energy consumption in the evening and night hours

    • Maximizes self-generation and self-sufficiency
    • Minimizes energy costs and CO2 emissions
    • The self-generated electricity system can be implemented without feeding back into the grid
    • Self-consumption and UPS protection can be combined with each other
  • Off-Grid

    For all off-grid properties, commercial facilities, data centers, hotels, hospitals and many more

    • Creation of island grids with UPS protection with high voltage quality and a wide power range
    • Can be combined with diesel gensets to minimize diesel runtime
  • Peakshaving

    For all companies with a consumption of over 100,000 kWh per year and short-term peak loads due to pumps and motors starting up, for example

    • Reduces peak loads and cuts grid charges, energy costs and CO2 emissions
    • Relieves the grid
    • Real-time peak shaving and UPS function are possible
  • Emergency power supply / UPS

    For all companies with sensitive production processes or sensitive processes that require protection, such as agriculture with animal husbandry

    • Safeguards production goods and power supply with high voltage quality in the event of a power failure
    • UPS protection and prevention of short-term interruptions
    • With real-time peak shaving and self-consumption possible

Actively promoting the expansion of decentralized energy supply - that is the leitmotif of my work. For our customers, I break up existing structures and combine tried and tested technologies in new ways. A fascinating challenge that we will take on together with you.

Horst Münnich, Commercial Storage Manager

eMobility for companies and fleets: Individual solutions 

We offer customized eMobility solutions for commercial and industrial customers, including charging infrastructure (AC/DC) that complies with calibration law and comprehensive services.

Our services

charge@work Optimized design of charging infrastructure at the company location.
Charging solutionsFor internal and external charging customers, including company fleets.
Fleet solutionsPublic (charge@public) and home charging (charge@home) with billing options.
Load managementScalable, manufacturer-independent solutions through local energy management system.

How we support you with your PV projects

Further services and support 

As part of the BayWa r.e. group, we are not only available to you for energy solutions, but also for additional services such as balancing energy marketing (balancing energy marketing) for renewable energies and CHP plants. 

Your contact persons 

Our central contact person will put you in touch with experts for individual commercial solutions. If you do not yet have a contact person, you can find an overview of our locations and contacts in your area here.

We look forward to supporting you with your individual energy solutions and shaping a sustainable future together!


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