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SolarEdge P485-4R M4M RM
Article No. 02-000571
68,00 € 
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EESolarEdge P485-4R M4M RM
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SolarEdge P485-4R M4M RM

Ideal for high yields: MPP tracking, monitoring and switch-off at module level

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Product information


MPPT Number of MPPT: 1

DCAN DC connection: MC4

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 90 mm B: 129 mm H: 50 mm

NETG Weight: 0.845 kg

KLP Cable length plus: 160 mm

Your Advantages
  • Mismatch avoidance: optimisation at module level
  • Enhanced safety with SafeDCTM: switch-off at module level
  • Monitoring at module level in the free SolarEdge monitoring portal
  • Highly flexible system design for better performance on the roof
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Manufacturer Information

SolarEdge is considered to be one of the world market leaders for smart energy technology. Its financial solidity, customer focus and a versatile and innovative product portfolio are characteristic for the manufacturer.

SolarEdge's broad portfolio leaves nothing to be desired. It combines storage solutions, inverters and power optimizers with sophisticated technology for different application areas. With SolarEdge solutions, you can also maximise the profitability of your solar systems. Do you install SolarEdge components?Benefit from their support centre and the customer-focused way of working of this quality manufacturer. Of course, events, webinars and training courses are also included.


Product description

Product features
SolarEdge separates the functions of conventional inverters: DC/AC conversion still takes place in the inverter. However, performance optimisers take over MPP tracking at module level. This means every module can be operated, monitored and switched off in its MPP. The voltage is reduced to a safe 1 V in an emergency, too. The system makes small and large plants possible with different string lengths, modules, orientations and inclinations. The performance optimisers P300-505 are connected to one module each, the performance optimisers P 650-950 to two modules each – reducing costs for large plants.
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