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DELTA M50A_260 Flex
Article No. 02-000684
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EEEDELTA M50A_260 Flex
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DELTA M50A_260 Flex

Ideal for large commercial rooftop systems

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Product information


SPEI Storage system: NA

NENN Nominal power: 55000 VA

TOPO Topology: trafolos

MPPT Number of MPPT: 6 Stück

WUMI MPP voltage min: 390.0 Volt

WUMA MPP voltage max: 900.0 Volt

DCAN DC connection: H4

NETZ Network connection: 3-phasig

NETL Dimensions in mm: L: 736 mm B: 278 mm H: 624 mm

NETG Weight: 40 kg

Your Advantages
  • Type 2 AC and DC surge protectors
  • Arc flash and reverse polarity protection, anti-PID function
  • Data point recording for string monitoring and preparation of I-U curves
  • Flexible installation on the wall or on the ground (optional)
  • No string fuses required
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Manufacturer Information

Smarter. Greener. Together. Delta works every day to develop new technologies to provide sustainable and clean energy solutions according to this guiding principle. The Delta Group, founded in 1971, is a global leader in the field of electricity and heat management. This quality manufacturer implements its mission statement of offering innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better future with energy-saving solutions in the fields of power electronics, energy management and intelligent environmentally friendly systems. The robust, safe and highly efficient solar inverters enable highest yields even under difficult operating conditions and should not be left out of your portfolio.

Product description

Product features

The highly efficient, low-noise, three-phase solar inverter from Delta Electronics is the perfect choice for large commercial rooftop systems.

It has 6 MPP trackers for the simple handling of shaded areas and different module orientations, and with its low weight and IP66 housing it is tailored for harsh ambient conditions.

A large front door makes simple and safe access to internal components possible.

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