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Intilion | scalebloc Komplettaufbau Deutschland
Intilion | scalebloc Komplettaufbau Deutschland
VARTA flex storage E 80/150 (no backup)
VARTA flex storage E 80/150 (no backup)
Varta flex storage E 36/75
Varta flex storage E 36/75
Intilion measuring up to 600 kW
INTILION scalebloc energy 25 kVA / 61,65 kWh
INTILION scalebloc energy 25 kVA / 61,65 kWh
INTILION scalebloc power 50 kVA / 61,65 kWh
INTILION scalebloc power 50 kVA / 61,65 kWh
INTILION scalebloc power boost 68,5 kVA / 61,65 kWh
INTILION scalebloc power boost 68,5 kVA / 61,65 kWh
Riello Hybrid storage system 100kW - 100kWh 0.5C/1C
Riello Hybrid storage system 100kW - 100kWh 0.5C/1C
Riello HBS-HE 300kW - 300kWh 0.5C/1C mit Vision REVO Batterie
Riello HBS-HE 300kW - 300kWh 0.5C/1C mit Vision REVO Batterie
Riello HBS 80 D plus mit Batterie LFP 80kWh
Riello HBS 80 D plus mit Batterie LFP 80kWh
INTILION scalestac 50 kW / 154 kWh
INTILION scalestac 50 kW / 154 kWh
SMA Commercial Storage 30

Power storage systems for industry and commerce

Selling points, applications and much more about commercial power storage systems

Power storage systems for industry and commerce can already do a great deal more today than their name first suggests. An industrial storage battery with UPS technology safeguards capital goods, for example, and that is ready cash for manufacturing companies. What a commercial storage battery has to do with off-grid and peak shaving, the components experts recommend and what a company in south Germany can tell us about a storage plant – you will find all of that here on this webpage. Become an expert in this field yourself and benefit from the high demand and the many advantages offered by large storage batteries.

Why is a commercial storage battery so worthwhile?

There are many good reasons and arguments in favour of commercial storage batteries. We will summarise the most important ones for you here.

Guaranteed electricity supply for critical processes

Many companies, especially IT and production companies, suffer from variations in supply from the grid. Even small, hardly noticeable outages and variations in voltage can have a big impact. This can throw day-to-day work off track and have a negative influence on critical processes or, to put it in a nutshell, machines stand idle and computers are switched off. This often results in high downtime costs or even damaged goods.

A commercial storage battery guards against and prevents these variations thanks to its integrated UPS technology. It absorbs any grid variations and safeguards critical processes round the clock, so any failures of this kind become a thing of the past.

Significant cost reductions

Independent self generation and use, by means of a power storage system and intelligent use of energy, leads to reduced electricity costs – and that has a positive impact on business results. Peak shaving also reduces grid charges and energy costs.

Using renewable energy has a positive effect on a company’s image and makes it fit for the future

Power storage technologies help to strengthen the link between various sectors and enable new technologies, especially the expansion of recharging infrastructure for e-mobility. When the regular grid capacity for rapidly recharging electric vehicles is not sufficient, a storage battery can be deployed to relieve the burden on the grid. This avoids an otherwise unnecessary extension of the grid infrastructure – with transformers for example – when they reach the limits to their capacity. 

Through intelligent energy management, dynamic load management can be realised in this context with the aid of a storage battery. So, with its many technological options, the industrial storage battery opens up your path to a sustainable and digital future.

Additionally, the issue of company sustainability is more important than ever today. More and more purchase decisions are made in terms of this perspective, and the use of renewable energy leaves a positive imprint on the minds of potential business partners and customers. You too can benefit from this!

What can a commercial storage battery do?
Possible applications at a glance

The following system technologies can be implemented with a commercial storage battery:

  • Use of self-generated power

    For all companies with solar-generated over-production and energy consumption in the evening and at night

    • Maximises energy generation and self-reliance
    • Minimises energy costs and CO2 emissions
    • The self-generated power plant can be converted without any recovery from the grid
    • The use of self-generated power and UPS protection can be combined effectively
  • Off-Grid

    For all properties, commercial facilities, data centres, hotels, hospitals etc. that are off the grid

    • Development of island grids with UPS protection with high voltage quality and an extensive performance range.
    • Can be combined with diesel generators with minimised diesel running time.
  • Peak shaving

    For all companies with a consumption in excess of 100,000 kWh per year and short term peaks in demand through the deployment of pumps and motors, for example

    • Reduces peaks in demand and minimises grid charges, energy costs and CO2 emissions.
    • Relieves pressure on the grid.
    • Peak shaving in real time is possible with UPS.
  • Backup power supply / UPS

    For all companies with sensitive production processes or processes that are delicate and require protection, such as agriculture with animal husbandry

    • Safeguards production capital and voltage supply at times of grid failure with good voltage quality.
    • UPS protection and prevention against brief interruptions.
    • Can be used with real-time peak shaving and self-generated power.

Reference projects – here are some of the plants which we have installed successfully to date

Sure, we can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? See for yourself! We have succeeding in planning and realising the following plants together with professional installers from our network.

Dürr Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Oberkessach (Schöntal), Germany

  • Plant data and installed components
    Power electronicsRiello SPS HE 160 kW | Peak shaving 100 kW
    BatteryNMO battery Yuasa 50 kWh
    Plant output387 kWp
    Built-in invertersSMA Sunny Tripower Core1
    Built-in solar modulesLG NeON2 LG330N1C-A5-330 Wp
    Built-in mounting systemnovotegra flat roof East-West II

Actively advancing the development of a decentralised energy supply – that is the guiding principle of my work. To that end, I take existing structures apart for our customers and reconnect them with proven technologies. This is a fascinating challenge that we and our customers take on together.

Horst Münnich, Commercial Storage Manager

Questions for Horst Münnich 

He is our man for industrial storage plants. He is familiar with UPS, peak shaving, the use of self-generated electricity, and cross-sector symbiosis. He knows which products and components are compatible with each other and which application options are most suitable, and when. But where does this knowledge come from? And what else matters to him? We asked him these questions so you can also get to know him better. 

  • Why did you become a commercial storage manager?

    “I had already been employed in the field of industrial storage batteries for many years. When the opportunity arose to take up this position with BayWa r.e., I seized it with both hands.”

  • What did you do before that?

    “I worked for large industrial companies in the field of energy storage plants and UPSs for many years. And during this period I also became involved in one of the first commercial storage projects in Germany as its project manager. I had been self-employed in the commercial storage technologies sector since 2015 and BayWa r.e. was my supplier at the time – so I simply changed sides, so to speak.” 

  • What is it about renewable energy that fascinates you?

    “With renewable energy, we use the original source of energy – energy from the sun – and we use it efficiently and sustainably. We don’t have to rely on any resources, especially not on fossil fuels found in the earth. But that’s not enough. Decentralised energy generation plants also enable us to generate energy anywhere in the world. What fascinates me is the infinite options these technologies open up in combination with sustainability.”

  • Which projects or project partners hold a special place in your heart?

    “There are two projects that stand out for me. To start with, of course, there was the first ‘Innovation City’ project in the German Ruhr region, through which the issue of ‘commercial energy-plus houses’ was realised on a new scale for the time.

    Then there was the Dürr Kunststofftechnik company’s industrial storage plant in Schöntal, which was completed at the start of this year. The focus on peak shaving was a special challenge in that regard.”

  • Is there one thing you have experienced that has permanently changed your life?

    “In my personal life, it was definitely meeting my wife many years ago, and of course my two children. Professionally, it was the accidents at the atomic power plants that turned me into a committed advocate for renewable energy. I originally studied energy technology with a focus on power plant technology – so I have always been active in the energy sector. At the time, however, I was ‘on the other side’. The disasters at the atomic power plants permanently changed my views and, since then, my heart has been beating with total conviction for the world of decentralised and renewable energy generation.”

  • If you could give us a talk for thirty minutes – without any preparation – what would it be about?

    “It would have to be about cross-sector symbiosis and energy management – total solutions for industry.”

  • What would you like to change about the world?

    “Those of us who are active in the field of renewable energy know why we come to work every single day and what we stand for. But we need the political will to provide support for us all over the globe. If I could change something, I would enshrine the knowledge about climate change and the opportunities provided by renewable energy as the greatest priority among the world’s leading politicians. It is only together that we can still save ourselves and our planet from the current situation.”

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